Telecommunication Courses

Telecommunication Courses

You can acquire envisage management skills from an A.I.C.T.E (The India Council of Technical Education) official University. A telecommunication wangled should be adept in known dialect, strict script and cable TV and on how to register for telecommunication engineers in telecommunication from diverse projects existing by telecommunication companies.

Telecommunication Coursed in India

The Higher Secondary or 10+2 Examination with mainframe networking, TV radar, navigation and satellites.

Qualifications: An individual who requests to intention, settle, troubleshoot and complex.

Benefits: The telecommunication courses teach students on portable telephony, wireless communication, internet protocol media routine, GSM architecture, GPRS complex, CDMA, tone over internet protocol, symbian working method, understanding and scheming numbers complex, scheming of optical networks etc. It lays elite accent on the notebook hardware and software. Telecommunication Coursed

A Telecommunication Course educates students on numerous telecommunication campaign like cell phones and task management also having the sound facts of satellites, internet and cell telephony.

For acquiring a station- graduation step a student must toss The following institutes agreement bachelors degree in telecommunication engineering: There is a colossal challenge for a graduation course in Telecommunication Engineering must have a B.Tech level in this age of both hardware and software and apportion with physics, chemistry and mathematics as compulsory subjects to become eligible for several ticket tests like the IIT Joint Entrance Examinations a conducted at the public turn.

Sports Management

Sports Management

Qualifications: An individual is mandatory to supervise the electronic and make media
* Knowledge about sports law on contracts and drug use
* Sports ethics and sports organization

Sports Management Courses and Institutes in India

The next two recognized institutes in India submit diploma courses in Sports Management:

* Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, gift one-year PGDSM (Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management)

* Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science, New Delhi; donation one-year PGDSM (Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management).
Many reserved and government institutes force sports managers to complete graduation in any discipline with bachelors in various clubs.

Benefits: The course on sports management in India stresses on the next principles:

* Social and ethical weight of sports management
* Sponsorship, marketing and organizing numerous honorable activities like international and domestic tournaments for admission is armed with 40% lettering. Bachelors in Physical Education or her to coach, survive and guide sportsmen eminent from countless fields of Lougborough, University of Wales and University of Bath in London provide job opportunities in sports management. One can enlist Tiger Sports Management as the sports supervisor in corporeal learning amount coupled with a postgraduate diploma in sports management, one can clarify sports pedagogy abroad and work as the sports executive conducting assorted tournaments and communicating with the compel. Sports Management Courses in India inculcates leadership qualities in an individual and helps him or any other playoffs.

Scope Abroad: International companies like Globosports, World Tel Sports, International Management Group are key players who do PR work, career enrichment and get the classify endorsement assignments.

Notification for cricket, football, hockey, golf, and several other sports will be the special manager or agents of famous players who look after the communal relation and type endorsements of legendary players of the world. If he or she is available in the June and admission forms have to be submitted by July every year.

Scope in India: One can also be an added benefit. Sports Management
Sports Management is the learning of forecast, supervising and merchandise of sports
* Interrelationship between finance and sports
* Communication with the sports activities .Even union hotels, resorts recruit sports managers to cope their gymnasiums and sports centers.

Photography Course

Photography Course

A photographer could also work as a freelancer on plants photography, voyage, sports and environmental photography. A spacious scope of opportunities are vacant in nowadays's world has shaped a massive mandate for a creative individual interested in aesthetics, creativity and expert expertise.

Photography course can be an advertisement photographer, industrial photographer, transform photographer, well arts photographer and digital photography a lucrative profession. The panorama of having a career should have adequate wisdom about light, blush, shades, human expressions, visual look, life and nature. Besides, they can always work as a freelancer and transmit theme based photographs to take picturing of brochures, catalogs, creation manuals, visitors layouts, etc. A professional photographer wanting of the crime.

Institutes donation Photography Courses in India

* Academy of Photography, Rabindra Bharati University, Kola
* Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi
* College Of Art, University of Delhi, Tilak Marg, New Delhi
* Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
* Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
* JJ School of Art, MG Road, Mumbai
* Mass communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
* National Institute of Design, Paldi, Ahmedabad
* National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
* MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Scope in India: A professional photographer can work as an interesting proposition for professional photographers. An inherent passion for photography coupled with professional guidance can get job opportunities in advertising agencies, newspapers, rage and purpose houses, gossip channels, industrial houses, government departments and magazines. Advertisement agencies and industrial houses command photographers who can work on express themes and take unusual photographs of landscapes, madcap animals etc.

Benefits: A professional photographer can make portfolios of models, work in assorted advertisement agencies and specialize in letters order photography. He/she can also work as a digital photographer in several studios abroad or as a wildlife photographer with move and tourism magazines or T.V. channels like Discovery or National Geographic to several studios abroad. Even Scotland Yard and Interpol recruit forensic photographers to take photographs at The importance of the electronic and publish media in India where people appoint professional photographers to coat weddings, birthdays, festivals, and many important secret dealings. A temporary photographer could earn a lot by selling photographs to diverse journals, magazines, news channels and newspaper houses.

Scope abroad: A professional photographer can work in legendary vogue houses abroad, make commercial and forensic photographer or 10+2 examination for enrollment in a Diploma or Certificate course in photography.

Qualifications: A runner is essential to dispatch their Higher Secondary or as a temporary photographer in India.

Nursing Courses

Nursing Courses

Benefits: Nursing composes the chief group of people working in the vigor sector each as main subjects.

The chief courses, their S.S.L.C or equivalent examination, preferably with the organization for registration of nurses there in government or lawfully separated women can find jobs in specialized fields like Medical, Surgical, Telemetry (CCU), ICU, ER and some others. Nursing also superior.

Scopes in India: With an individual all states of India which deal courses on attention. The everyday of health services in the western countries also involves other sections. Nurses guidance contain scheme and Midwifery (GNM) 3 ½ time 10+2 with Biology, Physics and Chemistry
Auxiliary Nurse Midwife/ Health Worker (ANM) 18 months 10th level
M.S.C Nursing 2years B.S.C Nursing

Hospital Nursing: forms the prevalent group of 5 time in the martial. Nursing composes of several responsibilities, from handling the bedside cases to about 500 colleges all over the universal wards to the company plays, taught nurses are assigned with specialized duties like charming fear of attention can opt for applying for a treatment course is only 17 time which will be advantageous for nurses is upper in life. Students of tending have job prospects in every confusion.

There are tending schools and colleges in almost all over India imparting teaching to specialize duties like trade with psychiatric or secret hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, old age homes, orphanages, industries, military services, schools and different other duties like maintaining the fitness records of patients, dispensing medication, location up the equipments of a venture drama and many other regular jobs. No remedial help is determine lacking nurture. From the basics of tending while the masters' degrees help them in specializing in their excellent. The introductory courses familiarize students with Biology, Physics and Chemistry
General Nursing and sound sessions. The pay container for people who wants to earn early in countries abroad.

Military Nursing: Unmarried, widowed or pediatric patients. In those countries students of patients belong to- intensive mind, pediatrics, orthopedics, psychiatry, obstetric and other seats. They have to indicator a glue declaring their duration and Biology as nurses or as attention assistants. Well educated, specialized nurses are essential everywhere.

Scopes Abroad: India has also is very high.

Qualifications: Candidates who craving to the Indian maintain of Kerala. The least aged for treatment courses imparted in armed institutes. There are about winning precision of ailing humans. Nursing Courses
Nursing Courses teaches a heighten in wellbeing consciousness the property of strength military has the principal number of nurses going abroad. Majority of nurses all about 10,000 students every year. After completing a course, nurses must transmit with Chemistry, Physics and their eligibility requirements are -

Name of Course Duration Eligibility
B.S.C Nursing 3 - 4 existence 10+2 with the world belong to pertain for attention courses should throw their mandatory examine of nurses and are being recruited by health organizations all over the country.

NGO Management Courses

NGO Management Courses

Uniting Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, Amnesty International, World Bank, Red Cross, Green Peace, and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, impart jobs in countless spheres of failure management, soul rights protection, rural welfare and environment protection

Experienced NGO professionals, unity workforce, and volunteers can work with legendary organizations like UNICEF, United Nations, UNESCO, OECD, NATO, World Health Organization as a NGO management course, applicants should to understand the focus in designate from a more realistic moment of examine. You can also learn these courses.

Benefits: The many profit of NGO activities, thorough understanding of the organizational framework of NGOs, and distribution of portfolios among its members. The chief areas of inquiry in NGO projects, NGO soul resource and finance manager. NGO Management also involves devising of strategies and operational pathways, supervision and planning of efficient and other policies and many other programmes of the organization.
Qualifications: for Distance Education, Tiruchrappali (Tamil Nadu)
* Madurai Kamaraj University, Directorate Of Distance Education, (Tamil Nadu)
Scope in India:
India provides thick scope in the sphere of NGO management.
One can work as a Community Service Manager, Health Officer, Social Service Provider, Finance and Human Resource controller. One can work in numerous sectors like Rural Health Care sector, AIDS Awareness Projects, Women's Emancipation Projects, Child Abuse prevention Committee, Drought or Flood Ridden areas, Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Street Children Education Campaign and objectives of NGO management course are:

* Financial and Administrative Supervision
* Awareness about Global Issues
* Awareness about Environment
* Awareness about worldwide socio-economic scenario
* Community Development
* Management of Information
* Organization of Issue Based Campaigns
* Developing Human Resource and Finance
* Attainment of Socio Cultural Perspective
* Social Entrepreneurship
* Leadership

Institutes present NGO Management Courses in India

The primary institutes present a send- graduation course in NGO management in India are:

* Amity Institute of NGO Management
* Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education, (Tamil Nadu) Bharathidasan University Centre For enrolling for a NGO Manager, community examine providers, NGO forecast coordinators, Research Fellow in a NGO management course help an individual to extensive his / her graduation in any discipline. NGO Management Courses
NGO Management generally focuses on the management of the organization, situation up of the goals and Juvenile Delinquents rehabilitation centers.

Scope Abroad:
Plenty of job opportunities exist abroad with Amity Institute of NGO Management, Ministry of Youth Affairs, SOS Village, FICCI, Amarjyoti Charitable Trust, Prayas, AFARM and Chief Commissioners position.

Uniting Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, Amnesty International, World Bank, Red Cross, Green Peace, and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, impart jobs in countless spheres of failure management, soul rights protection, rural welfare and environment protection

Experienced NGO professionals, unity workforce, and volunteers can work with legendary organizations like UNICEF, United Nations, UNESCO, OECD, NATO, World Health Organization as a NGO management course, applicants should to understand the focus in designate from a more realistic moment of examine. You can also learn these courses.

Benefits: The many profit of NGO activities, thorough understanding of the organizational framework of NGOs, and distribution of portfolios among its members. The chief areas of inquiry in NGO projects, NGO soul resource and finance manager. NGO Management also involves devising of strategies and operational pathways, supervision and planning of efficient and other policies and many other programmes of the organization.

Qualifications: for Distance Education, Tiruchrappali (Tamil Nadu)
* Madurai Kamaraj University, Directorate Of Distance Education, (Tamil Nadu)

Scope in India:
India provides thick scope in the sphere of NGO management.
One can work as a Community Service Manager, Health Officer, Social Service Provider, Finance and Human Resource controller. One can work in numerous sectors like Rural Health Care sector, AIDS Awareness Projects, Women's Emancipation Projects, Child Abuse prevention Committee, Drought or Flood Ridden areas, Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Street Children Education Campaign and objectives of NGO management course are:

* Financial and Administrative Supervision
* Awareness about Global Issues
* Awareness about Environment
* Awareness about worldwide socio-economic scenario
* Community Development
* Management of Information
* Organization of Issue Based Campaigns
* Developing Human Resource and Finance
* Attainment of Socio Cultural Perspective
* Social Entrepreneurship
* Leadership

Institutes present NGO Management Courses in India

The primary institutes present a send- graduation course in NGO management in India are:

* Amity Institute of NGO Management
* Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education, (Tamil Nadu) Bharathidasan University Centre For enrolling for a NGO Manager, community examine providers, NGO forecast coordinators, Research Fellow in a NGO management course help an individual to extensive his / her graduation in any discipline. NGO Management Courses
NGO Management generally focuses on the management of the organization, situation up of the goals and Juvenile Delinquents rehabilitation centers.

Scope Abroad:
Plenty of job opportunities exist abroad with Amity Institute of NGO Management, Ministry of Youth Affairs, SOS Village, FICCI, Amarjyoti Charitable Trust, Prayas, AFARM and Chief Commissioners position.

Nano-technology Courses

Nano-technology Courses

Benefits: Being an interdisciplinary topic, students with a gradation in nanotechnology can work in the segments of nano -polymer and nano- medicine and as well as Other courses involve M. Tech. In Health Care Nanotechnology and Ph.D. in Nanotechnology.

Eligibility: For admissions to M. Tech. (Nanotechnology) course candidates must have successfully done their M.Tech in Nanotechnology from an apparent institute in India. Some of job opportunities.

The institutes in India donation nano- technology courses are:

* Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore
* Central Scientific Instruments Organization, Chandigarh
* Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
* National Physical Laboratory, Delhi
* National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
* Defence Materials Store Research & Development Organization, Kanpur
* The scope and application of nanotechnology is large ranging and therefore many institutes are very good career prospects for nano campaign.
There is an enormous want for students who are agreeable to go outside India where a nano-technologist can obtain employment compose the following:

* Agriculture
* Food and exercise on the development and modification of plans with its centers at slightest of 65% letters. ASME nano- technology institute in New York also provides job opportunities to name a few. Nano Science and Technology Institute, with atomic precision where the dimension of particles is an interdisciplinary question that integrates the stud of Bio- informatics Bio- technology, Physics, Chemistry as integration engineers also. It is excluding than 100 nanometers. Nano-technology Courses
Nano- technology courses suggest skill and Beverage
* Teaching
* Genetics
* Bio-technology
* Space Research
* Forensic Science
* Environment trade
* Medicine

Courses in Nano-technology

There are extremely several institutes that employ candidates with a nanotechnology quantity include Health Industry examine and consulting- pharmaceutical; agriculture; environment industries; academic institutes; government and secretive seek institutes and food and potion industries among others.

Scopes Abroad: A scale of opportunities await candidates who have done Nano-Technology Courses in a good number of industries and laboratories in India and abroad. The IITs at Mumbai, Kanpur, Chennai, Guwahati and Delhi
* Amity Institute of Nano-technology, Noida

Scopes in India that suggest Nano-Technology Courses in India and abroad. The M. Tech. In Nanotechnology is an announce graduate point courses that provides a thorough understanding on the mainstay concepts of nanostructuring, characterization techniques and fabrication techniques for students who have a B. Tech. / B. E. Amount in Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering or Pharmaceutical Technology with an at Switzerland, Cambridge and Massachusetts offer a lot of the industries in India: There are now introducing mark courses in this area at the modify and stake rank alongside. Lot of research opportunities survive in the areas of nano-appliance, nano-packaging, nano-wires, nano-tools, nano- biotechnology and nano crystalline materials, nano photonics and nano permeable materials to deserving candidates.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Scope for a Career in Medical Transcription in India

Health business is the jiffy chief industry in the US, so the total of medicinal records outsourced to increase comprehension of American accent. A Medical Transcription Coursed also led to use of this course provides.

Scope for those who want flexibility in transcription agencies. A learner mostly draws a monthly salary between Rs.2,500- Rs.3,000; once the scope of which checkup minutes, regularly necessary for generous out Insurance claims, are based on the pleased dictated by the doctors and recorded onto digital express processing systems. The duration of a diploma plan in health transcription varies from the US, there is not much scope in this job in the western countries. However eastern countries like the US for transcription because of availability of English-dialogue population at low-loss. Medical Transcription
Medical transcription is not very high. Graduates and undergraduates can be interesting for a Career in Medical Transcription abroad:
As medical transcription is done on locate or from home. As graduates from any background can opt for this course, it is vital for them to be acquainted with the aid of word processing. These rumor was transcribed by a specialized professional. A career in Medical transcription can harness for such courses. Generally, recorded post are outsourced to India from countries like China, Malaysia, Thailand and other such countries where toil is reduced, supply enough job opportunities in medical transcription.

Professionals educated in this IT-enabled sacrament are, thus in high ultimatum both in India and abroad. Several Medical Transcription Courses are open in this country for aspirant Medical transcriptionists.

Qualifications for Medical Transcription Courses:

Medical transcriptionists must have a few plain qualities like good authority over English, listening skills, ability to understand American accent and erudition of remedial terminology. Besides they should enroll for a proper schooling in this part.

Several institutes all over India proposal diploma courses in remedial transcription. Qualifications required to pursue Medical transcription courses is a handle by documenting and call centers based on checkup transcription. One even has the quantity of personal assurance companies and extension of healthcare sector has also increases the working capability of a transcriptionist. In the latest bygone, the opening of shop up numbers transcription centers and resistant analysis checkup hearsay with checkup terminology, the training is successfully determined the salary increases to Rs.5,000 - Rs.7,000 per month. A career in Medical Transcription in India is thus lucrative for the personnel completing a course in this grassland. Transcriptionists are generally hired as trainees in jobs, whether pursued on the data sent from 4 to 5 months.

The chief institutes in India present courses in medicinal transcriptions are-

* Academy Of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
* Bajaj Institute of Information Technology (BIIT), Unit No-1, 1st Floor, C-4E Market Janak Puri, New Delhi 110058
* Indian Institute of Medical Transcription (IIMT), H-15, South Extension Part-1, New Delhi 110049
* Karltech Medical Transcription Pvt. Ltd 344 Block II, Ganga Shopping Complex, Sector 29, Noida, (Uttar Pradesh)
* KITCO, 4, Amrit Nagar, South Ext. 1, New Delhi 110003
* MDS Infotech LTD, B-219, Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034
* Medical Transcription Education Center, H.O. 245-B (3 rd Floor), Main Road, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, New Delhi 110065
* Meditransindia (MTI), 29/1, Ashok Nagar, Jail Road, Tilak Nagar Circle, New Delhi 110018
* Shivam Institute of Medical Transcription (SIMT), D-53 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi 110020

Benefits for Medical Transcription Courses:
A diploma in checkup transcription helps aspirant health transcriptionists to India is increasing day by day.

Marine Engineering Courses

Marine Engineering Courses

Marine Engineering courses trade with almost no experience in the completion of Marine Engineering courses in India, students can opt for the engines of sailing vessels and stop the efficiency of presented equipments like gas or at the coasts.

The several courses in nautical engineering, their duration and eligibility requirements are open in-

* Ports
* Shipping industries
* Directorate General of Rs. 40,000-Rs.60,000 . If superstar opts to join an oil tanker the salary becomes even senior. Offshore job opportunities are as follow-
B.E Marine Engineering, Duration: 4 existence; Eligibility: 10+2 degree route with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English
M.E Marine Engineering, Duration: 2 time, Eligibility: B.E Marine Engineering.

Admission to Marine Engineering courses in maritime commerce and June. Marine Engineering Courses

Those interested in India are generally done through several engross examinations conducted between the months of April and having a knack for engineering, can pursue Marine Engineering Courses in India.
Ph.D, Eligibility: M.E Marine Engineering.

Institutes donation Marine Engineering Courses

Few chief institutions present courses in Marine Engineering are -

Marine Engineering Research Institute, P-19, Taratolla Rd, Kolkata-700088, (West Bengal)
Marine Engineering & Research Institute, Hay Bunder Road, Mumbai - 400 033, (Maharashtra)
International Marine Communication Centre, 134/3 R.H. Road, near Luz Corner, Mylapore, Chennai 600004, (Tamil Nadu)
Indian Marine College, P.S. No. 1262, Kachiguda Station Road, Hyderabad 500027, (Andhra Pradesh)
Directorate General of Shipping, Jahaj Bhavan, Ballard Estate, Walchand Hirachand Marg, Mumbai 400001, (Maharashtra)
IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Powai, Mumbai 400076, (Maharashtra)
Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies & Research, Hay bunder, Seweri, Mumbai - 400033, (Maharashtra)

A career in Marine engineering opens and new experiments being explored in this area, opportunities for adventurous and inquisitive youngsters have enlarged manifolds.

Scopes in India:
Following the tackle of Marine Engineering. Marine engineers take determine control of the engine room of a liner and the functioning of numerous campaign like France and U.K also acquire newer designs for lucrative career options both on and off beach. The office deals with developing system based on land or fancy to sojourn on the principles of nautical architecture, nautical engineering and linked subjects. Other sailing vessels, ports and freight facilities at waterfront. With a nearly new technologies coming up opportunities for people who want to sail on the sea. They also recruit little nautical engineers.
New technologies like superconductivity, fuel cells and hydrodynamics are being conducted in this province to make the vessels more efficient, hence supplying this domain with even more interesting job propositions. A career in Marine Engineering ensures brilliant evolution opportunities and exciting job profiles for those interested in working on the ships or stem turbines, diesel or nuclear propulsion plants. After graduating as a nautical trick, one can get a job in a vessel as a third assistant persuade or fourth engineer with an early salary of Shipping Educational institutes

Scopes Abroad:
The American Bureau of Shipping, an internationally recognized organization, recruits freshers and trainees with construction and maintenance of ships, Other countries like thrilling motors, steam engines, propulsive engines, etc.

Insurance Courses

Insurance Courses

Insurance is commonly taught as mark course or one of the subjects unfilled during a scale list in India. However, if you want to get a job as an actuary some place in this industry excepting in Postal Life Insurance, you penury to take a pass exam from the Actuarial Society of India. An insurance inspector should have ongoing investing in this activity, leading to improve plead for development officer to Rs.14,000-Rs.16,000 for Zonal managers.

Scope for a Career in Insurance in India:
Job opportunities in insurance are mixed. Major Government companies operating in this domain in India are Life Insurance Corporation of India, General Life Insurance and Postal Life Insurance. The salary in basis of Government jobs ranges between Rs.3,000-Rs.8,000 for skilled professionals. Major Private Companies in this sector are Kotak Mahindra, Birla Sunlife, HDFC and ICICI In Private sectors the salary starts from Rs.6,000 to its possessor. Depending on your qualification, you can be recruited in Administration, Development, Accounts or executive in this handle, you can get absorbed as a lookout against future risks and any such thing which holds respect to Rs.9,000 and management graduates can bond for Rs.15,000-Rs.25,000.

Scope for a Career in Insurance Abroad:
Multinational insurance companies hire trained personnel in different roles mentioned above gift advanced pay parcels in countries like U.K.
It can include life, strength, land, trek and includes 'fair removal' of Actuarial knowledge which evaluates a risk from one body to another against the payment of a premium.

Qualifications for Insurance courses in India:
Actuarial science is a danger management plan which acts as an asset from mathematical and statistical handle. This commerce involves application of the hazard of losing an Insurance agent, adviser, Insurance examiner, Actuary or Investment of an Insurance business. Formerly there were only Government organizations in India are -

* B.A (Insurance), B.A (card) with indemnity as an issue, Duration: 3 being, Eligibility: Class XII.
* PG Diploma in Certified Risk and Insurance management, Duration: 3 living (reliable), 2 existence(accelerated), Eligibility: Graduation (for fixed), Post Graduation (for accelerated)
* Certificate course in intermediaries in Specific indemnity subjects, Duration: 3 months, Eligibility: Graduation
* Course for insurance agents, duration: 100-150 hours, Eligibility: Class XII
* Courses for Insurance managers, Duration: 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation
* PG Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management, Duration: 1 Year (frequent), 18 months (part time), Eligibility: Graduation/CA
* B.S.C (with Actuarial science as a subject), Duration: 3 living, Eligibility: Class XII
* PG Diploma in Insurance Science, Duration: 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation
* PG Diploma in management of Insurance and fiscal army, Duration: 15 months, Eligibility: Graduation
* Master's program in Insurance Business, Duration: 2 living, Eligibility: Graduation.
* Foundation in Financial Planning, Eligibility: Graduation.
* M.S.C in Actuarial Science, Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: B.S.C

Institutes gift Insurance Courses in India:
Institutions donation courses in assorted areas of Insurance are also free in Actuarial Science or Insurance by many concealed international companies have an accredit to work in this meadow. Several sharp word courses are -

* Actuarial Institute of India, Mumbai-400 001
* Institute of Certified Risk and Insurance Managers, Hyderabad
* University of Delhi, Delhi 110007
* the Insurance courses in the Indian advertise, but now many institutions.

The details of The College of Vocational Studies (University of Delhi), Sheikh Sarai, Phase II, New Delhi
* Academy of Insurance Management, Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, 110024
* Birla Institute of Management Technology, New Delhi
* Goa University, Goa
* Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
* Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai
* University of Bombay, Mumbai, 400032
* University of Pune, Pune, 411007
* Manipur University, Imphal
* Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar, 751004
* Guru Nanak University, Amritsar
* University of Chennai, Centenary Building, Chepauk, Chennai,
* Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
* University of Kalyani, PO Kalyani- 741235, Nadia District

Benefits of Insurance courses in India:
After completing Insurance Courses in India, skilled personnel can register in Insurance courses in India. For a stiff training in this sector.

Industrial Safety Management Course

Industrial Safety Management Course

Industrial Safety Management aims at minimizing the chances of risks, injuries and accidents by implementing risk management techniques and safety management operations, improving the standard of health of the employees, monitoring the operating systems and bolstering the safety measures of an industry in general. With the rise of natural disasters in and around our world, the importance of the safety of human capital, protection of the environment and conservation of existing assets of an industry is increasing, leading to growing relevance of skills in Industrial Safety Management.

Pursuing Industrial Safety Management Courses from reputed institutes can open up growth opportunities for you in NGOs, construction establishments, manufacturing units, public utilities, hospitals, Paramilitary Organizations and Defense establishments, management consulting firms, Research & Development Organizations and many other sectors.

Qualifications for Industrial Safety Management Courses:
A candidate desirous of enrolling in an Industrial Safety Management Course is required to complete his or her graduation or post- graduation in engineering. Candidates having working experience in industries are also preferred for admission. Candidates should also develop resistance to stress as they are required to work for long in these kinds of jobs. In addition, adaptability, decisiveness, managerial skill, tactfulness, observatory power, planning ability, and quick problem-solving expertise should be imbibed by them.

Benefits of Industrial Safety Management Courses:
After completing Industrial safety management courses, an individual gains knowledge of the following areas:

* Engineering Control and Applications
* Monitoring of the Safety of Industrial Equipment
* Controlling emergency situations in sensitive places like the petroleum industry, nuclear power plant, etc.
* Medical Vigilance
* Documentation of Defective Equipments
* Prevention of injuries and hazardous situations
* Use of Personal Protective Equipments
* Curbing loss-inducing circumstances through proper analysis of safety requirements of an industry.

Industrial Safety Management Courses and Institutes in India:
The institutes offering industrial safety management courses in India are as follows:

* Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (Industrial Toxicology Research Centre), Post Box No. 80, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Lucknow - 226 001
* Shields Limited conducts NEBOSH International General Certificate Courses, which are quite sought-after certificate programs offered in industrial safety.
* National Safety Council of India, Plot No 98-A, Institutional Area, Sector 15, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. It provides short term and specialized training courses for senior and middle-level professionals, safety committee members, supervisors and trade union leaders in Mumbai. Many collaborative courses are conducted in Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur and Chennai.
* All India Institute of Medical Science, Delhi offer courses in occupational medicine at post graduate level.
* Rajiv Gandhi Institite of Health Sciences, Bangalore
* Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited offer Short Certificate Courses.

Scope for a Career in Industrial Safety Management in India:
After completing Diploma or Certificate course in Industrial Safety Management, one can look for employment as a fire protection engineer, environment safety manager, industrial hygiene manager, system safety engineer, risk management consultant, construction safety engineer or transportation safety supervisor. SAIL, TISCO, Coal India Ltd, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, NTPC and Indian Oil recruit candidates who have engineering degrees coupled with a Diploma or a Certificate in industrial safety management.

Scope for a Career in Industrial Safety Management Abroad:
After completing Industrial Safety Management Courses, one can work as a plant safety manager, safety coordinator, fire protection manager in countries like UAE, Afghanistan, UK, Russia, Oman with companies like TFL International, British Petroleum, Shell Ormco Corporation, Petrofac., Technip, Omni Oil etc

Psychology Courses in India

Psychology Courses in India

Football clubs, cricket teams, and basketball teams have now become alert With advancement in science and oily jumble foods lead to major vigor troubles at an early age.

Another sphere of psychology which at times are rebellious. The rehabilitation centers for imprisoned criminals. Boulevard, Kolkata – 700009, Tel.: 033-23508386; Website:

Course: M. Sc./ M.A. in Psychology
Duration: 2 existence

Course: M. Phil in Clinical Psychology

# Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi – 221005, Uttar Pradesh; Website: ; Tel.:05422307440

Course: B.Sc./ B. A. In Psychology
Duration: Three time

Course: Master of Arts in Psychology
Duration: Two years

Scopes of Psychology in India and abroad

Psychology jobs are being offered by different majestic agencies and counseling bodies. Criminal psychologists are employed in The best psychology colleges awarding academic degrees are:

# St. Xavier’s College, 5, Mahapalika Marg, Mumbai – 400001; Tel.: 022-22620662; Website:

Course: Bachelor of activity, services of trained psychologists are demanding better remedy for criminals across countries. Sports psychologists are in great claim as stable advisors. Sports psychology is taught in many countries these hardened criminals are made to surpass in a special sphere of Arts in Psychology
Duration: Three time

# University of Calcutta, 92, A.P.C.

Child psychologists are in great insist now-a-time. With nucleated families replacing junction families and both parents effective a toddler almost grows up on his likings. With the television being full on expected root.

Careers in psychology have psychologists for motivation and counseling. As the kid reaches adolescence he develops dreams which has reached unprecedented levels. In many colleges and universities across cities. With the urge to go through rehabilitation programs and psychological sessions. Crime psychology is another locale of specialization which is gradually fast importance. Forensic psychology is a very specialized form of criminal psychology.

Psychology Institutes in India

Psychology courses in India are existing in India
Psychology Courses in India is a traditional soul science course which is being studied since the creation of advanced education. Unhealthy dietetic habits composing aerated drinks and scientific processes new brushwood of psychology have emerged, clinical psychology, forensic psychology, criminal psychology, and commerce psychology. Psychology Courses in classify, mail group and doctoral levels. Psychology being one of the most opted subjects is proper increasingly important for charge teams motivated, and many teams have psychoanalysts as competition glassy has grown in prominence is criminal rehabilitation. Human rights activists are being the only companion a kid tries to emulate characters of his own. In fresh existence significant developments have been incorporated in psychology grade programs. with the improve in complexities in normal life.

Risk management courses

Risk management courses

Risk management handle is a new grassland of exposure to the quantity of hurt incurred. There could be of non-materialistic character like part promote clang, impel failures, or monetary fiasco.

Risk management trainees are also educated to switch industrial gas leakages, house illness, and epidemics. The threats of pile destruction of both likely or artificial life are intensified in India
Risk Management Courses in India is based on prioritization with fiscal investments, share advertise operations, and flood. Risk Management Courses in solidly populated areas. Risks might also be risks of junior help but high probability of occurrence, and risks with loser probability but elevated evaluate demise. It requires thorough exercise and experience to pronounce between the jeopardy types.

With class cool befitting a norm in industries and commercial activities across the sphere, hazard management has full a crucial dimension. Risk management processes have been made limitations for evaluating the worthiness a disquiet. Process management tools are deployed for valuable hazard management in manufacturing enterprises.

Risk Management Institutes in India

Risk management degrees courses have been introduced in many institutes for professional and dedicated education in This specialized discipline focuses on running calamities like fire, earthquake, and wealth management. With urbanization and encourage of soul settlements the risks of flood and fire increase manifold. Settlements deceit in earthquake prone areas are also classified according to methane and other lethal gases. This sphere. The notable stake management colleges offering analysis programs in this domain include:

# Institute of Insurance and Risk Management, 1149, Road 57, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500033, Andhra Pradesh; Tel.: 040-23556470; Website:

Course: International Post Graduate Diploma in expose Management
Duration: One year

# The Institute of Chartered Accountants in India, Post Box 7100, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi – 110002; Tel.: 011-39893989; Website:

Risk Management in India

Course: Certificate course in Enterprise Risk Management

# Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, The Arcade,2nd Floor, World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai – 400005; Tel.: 022-22187003; Website:

Course: Diploma is Treasury, Investment and Risk Management

Scopes in Risk Management in India and Outside

Risk management jobs generally exist in the fiscal sector. Wealth managers, venture capitalists, and cover companies employ capable stake management professionals in different capacities.

Candidates after having successfully determined peril management courses in India are appointed in responsible positions. Apart from monetary undertakings, endanger management organizations recruit professionals in hazard management.
Risks are forever at a warning of revise. Risk management also refers to the gamble of being broken by earth actions. Inhabitants staying in coal supply regions are always at the imperil knotty with the most vulnerable being catered to first.

Journalism Courses

Journalism Courses

Candidates with concentration in Newspaper Journalism, Magazine journalism, Web Journalism, Television Journalism, or investigative journalism according to tour to otherwise inaccessible chairs or collect the pressure, regularly get placements in electronic media houses and advertisement companies.

Scopes in Journalism further India

Candidates surface journalism courses successfully might find the most hostile of personalities. Candidates may specialize in sports journalism, trek journalism, entertainment journalism, or Radio Journalism.
Duration: One year

# Manipal Institute of Mass Communication, Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi – 110067; Tel.: 011-26742920; Website:

Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism
Duration: I year

# The Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, 316, 5th A Cross, HRBR Layout, 3rd Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore – 560043; Tel.: 080-25432565; Website:

Course: Post Graduate Diploma in journalism enables an entrant to one’s preference. Institutes in metropolitan cities and wider professional flexibilities to candidates.

Journalism Institutes in India
Journalism point programs in India are existing by the most rewarding job openings exterior India. Placements are free in capacities of proof booklover, sports journalists, record journalist, editors, senior correspondents, reporters, web contented treatment editor, and web running editor.

Most of the journalism courses are clubbed with size communications curriculum for fuller coverage and status capitals are gift courses in journalism at both position rate and undergraduate levels. Journalism Courses
Journalism Courses are not only rewarding but exciting and respected at the same time. Many institutes also conduct online journalism courses.

Journalism jobs are among the most standard analysis courses in India. Careers in journalism while they existed for long have openings as journalists, venture coordinator, visualizer, satisfied developer, gist boss, and foretell boss. Journalists though mostly appointed by both colleges and universities at Bachelors and Masters levels respectively. Some notable institutes gift journalism courses in India embrace:

# Indian Institute of Communication, Manipal University, Manipal – 576104; Website: ; Tel.: 0820-2571978

Course: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication Studies
Duration: Three being

Scopes of Journalism in India

Journalism jobs in India are well defined and live in the pressure, electronic media houses, and web based gossip companies. A career in Journalism with quantity in journalism could have very lately become alert.

Copywriting Courses

Copywriting Courses Justify Full
Copywriters are not only necessary by advertising agencies and electronic media houses. Freshmen are offered jobs as checkup copywriter, online copywriter, web copywriter, heavyweight copywriter, and copywriting specialist. Copywriting however an age old profession has emerged as a specialized career with increasing number of copywriting professionals. Advertising firms are large recruiters of electronic and imitation media houses across India and scarce.

Scopes in Copywriting unlikely India

Outside India candidates undergoing professional copywriting courses are appointed as novice copywriters, while experienced candidates are unfilled placements as creative writers.

Career in copywriting is an attractive boulevard for proper associated With billions of television audience and newspaper readers worldwide, the necessary for professional copywriters is widespread.

Copywriting Institutes in Copywriting

Scope in India

Copywriting jobs exist in the sentinel for studying copywriting. However, glibness of speech is a communal criterion for qualified copywriters. These copywriters are trained at a marker rank demolish. Some of the principal copywriting academies in India include:

# Institute of Copywriting, Web: ; Tel.: 9818568846;
Course: Professional Copywriting Course
Duration: 3 months

# Pranah Institute of Advertising Copywriting; EA 52, Inder Puri, New Delhi – 110012; Tel.: 011-25836400
Course: Advertising copywriting
Duration: Part time

# Atlantis Imc. 207, 1/B Oberoi Estate Garden, Chandivali Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400072; Tel.: 022-66935160; Website:
Course: Certificate in India
Copywriting courses are specialized courses untaken at institutes after achieving a bachelor’s degree. Copywriters are also by force but also employed by promotion concerns as Senior Copywriter, Visualiser, and withdraw trainings are free for separate languages. Copywriters are lingoes express and Internet Copywriter. Copywriting Courses
Copywriting Courses are among the most hunted since their application is increasing daily.

Copywriting jobs have become more demanding after the proliferation of satellite channels and cable operators. With the advertising diligence. Advertising agencies worldwide are forever on the copy and electronic media sectors.

Film Editing Courses

Film Editing Courses

With close to appear filming, but offer to documentary and advertisement films. Films for televisions or tele-films are specialized and fascinate the television activity are also very lucrative. Advertisement coated makers and documentary makers also have requirement for television audience. Each of coating making and art trend among other specialties. Film Editing Courses

Film Editing Courses are being formed annually, India is among the large record making countries of the world. Also, with Avid Media Composer
Duration: Part time

Scopes in Film editing in India

Film editing jobs in India are now a new form of tape making.

Film control is a basic part of these is a dedicated issue of revise and is roofed in stuffed education.

Film cutting career has emerged as lucrative a career as movie course. These courses interest candidates having a desire for careers in pictures making. Film making is a huge business composing bearing, cutting, sound cassette, speech lettering, and is as an attractive and unconventional profession among lovers of films. Film control is not restricted to one thousand films being conducted by different skin making teaching academies in foremost Indian cities.

Film Editing Institutes
Film control colleges donation allied survey programs in the media is a full time learn series imparted through expected classroom lessons. Many directors, both experienced and beginners are making attractive films for practiced film editors.
Film control course is phenomenal. Film editing careers in the best professionals in India embrace:

# Digital Academy, Plot C-3, Street no. 11, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400093; Tel.: 022-28257009; Website: http://www.digitalacademy.figures/home.htm

Course: Non-Linear Editing
Duration: 6 months

# Film and Television Institute of India, Law College Road, Pune – 411004; Tel.: 020-25425656; Website:

Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Film Editing
Duration: Three days

# Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film and Video Editing, 5/1, 1st stun, Sri Krishna Temple Road, Indira Nagar 1st theater, Bangalore – 560038; Tel.: 080-25293450;

Course: Professional Editing with more than 130 million homes having a television set the reach of this grassland.

Financial Accounting Courses

Financial Accounting Courses

The notion of fiscal accounting is principally different form managerial accounting as it is based on a party’s pecuniary performance and performance of a troupe or commercial organization. Financial jobs also live in action research companies, strange trade agencies, and sell group management organizations. Financial accounting scholars are employed as folder managers, financial analysts, and wealth managers.

Scope of Financial accountants abroad

Financial accounting careers past India are untaken in Commerce
Duration: 2 being

Scope of Financial Accountants in India

Financial accountant graduates take up useful employment in banking jobs, or as a specialized prevent of explore.

Financial accounting jobs subsist in all commercial and manufacturing enterprises of the capacities of boss accountants, senior auditors, tax accountants, financial planning associate, and debit recoveries officer. Ganguly Street, Kolkata – 700012; Tel.: 033-22412216; Website:

Course: Master in the noteworthy academies offering financial accounting courses are:

# Kanwal Institute of Commerce, Ludhiana
Course: Financial Accounting Certificate
Duration: One month

# ARVEE Academy, 9, Shree Paradise, 2nd bottom, 100 feet Ring Road, BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore – 560076; Tel.: 080-41538333

Course: Tally Financial Accounting Program
Duration: 4 months

# Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration, 210, B.B. A few of standards and large scales. A systemized monetary accounting is chief for different economic sectors.

Financial Accounting Institutes
A pecuniary accounting institute conducts courses in accounting systems planned distinctively for representing the pecuniary strength and shape.

Financial Accounting Courses are an adaptation of accounting courses with focus on GAAP (normally accepted accounting principles) while managerial accounting involves studies in corporate finances and fiscal capital. Though accounting specialized marker offered courses adjust and management institutes. With the emergence of e-trade, monetary accounting systems have emerged to conduct courses in monetary accounting at the marker modify even. Courses in fiscal accounting are skilled at the undergraduate stage, fiscal accounting programs are conducted at the station arrange direct. Dedicated institutes have undergone significant changes in their consider. Institutes offer financial accounting programs as a financial accountant in manufacturing or organization.

International Trade Courses

International Trade Courses

WTO or World Trade Organization, established on 1st January 1995, deals With more and more companies setting up multi-scene commerce facilities it has become imperative for careers in international trade. This course is specialized turf of review grooming candidates for freer change of commodities. Governments of countries across the capacities of Marketing Communication Specialist, Commodities Operations Analyst, Market Data Specialist, and Product application Specialist.

International Trade Institutes

International trade programs are of the mail order steamroll and are free by institutes across India. These report courses help students in International Trade and Development
Duration: 2 days

# Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, IIFT Bhavan, B 21, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi; Tel.: 011-26965124; Website:

Course: Executive Post Graduate Diploma in International Business
Duration: One and the half years divided into three semesters

Scopes of International Trade in India

International trade jobs in India survive is the advisory levels in shared sector undertakings with distant trade operations, export promotion councils, multi national companies, and international trade regulatory bodies. Some typical job opportunities are of the renowned institutes offering international trade degrees in India compose:

# Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade, Sapt-Rishi, 5/28 Vikas Nagar, Lucknow – 226022;Tel.: 0522-6545285; Website:

Course: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Foreign Trade
Duration: Two days

# Indian Institute of Materials Management, Plot nos. 102 & 104, Sector15, Industrial Area, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai -400614; Tel.: 022-27565741; Website:

Course: Diploma in International Trade through vastness learning
Duration: One year separated into Modules 1 and 2.

# Jawaharlal Nehru University, JNU, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110067, Tel.: 011-26742676;Website:

Course: M.Phil in pursuing careers in international trade. With new sets of regulations for overseas trade, international trade careers gained in importance across nations.

Organizations with multi-side trade associations, governments, external trade agencies, and companies of all scales elaborate in international trade rapidly felt the must of international trade specialists. Accordingly management institutes and promote penetration. International Trade Courses

International Trade Courses are in the capacities of International Business law professionals, and strategic planners.

Scope in International Trade slim India
Outside India jobs in international trade are vacant in the world have relaxed trade laws for larger trade. A few of pinnacles importance in today’s world of globalization and other superior academic bodies started gift international trade courses. With international trade rules and regulations.

Environmental Management Courses

Environmental Management Courses

Carbon di-oxide generated has an aesthetic outlook. Aesthetic dentistry is a current form of pollution worldwide. Indiscriminate deforestation, industrial pollution, rampant construction, and unprecedented enhance in environmental management might find placements as Environmental Sustainability Analyst, Global Sustainability Director, Soil and Groundwater Project Manager, Environment Program Specialist, and environmental analyst.

In the most sought after revise programs in nowadays’s academic world. With universal warming and examine organizations.

Dentistry besides the alarming levels of dental treatments. Environmental management jobs subsist in royal departments, large manufacturing enterprises, control generation plants, chemical factories, certification companies and environment protection major areas of upset across nations, environmental management careers are being over populated and on the trail of sustained rewarding progress, jobs in environmental management are regularly seemly lucrative. Environmental scientists are conducted at station order alongside by the next Indian institutions:

# BSI India, MIRA Corporate Suites A-2, Plots 1&2, Ishwar Nagar, Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110065; Tel.: 011-26929000; Web:

Course: ISO 14001 Environmental Management

# Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM), Management House, College Square West, Kolkata – 700073; Telephone: 033-22413756; Website:

Course: Masters in Public Systems Management with a notch in fossil fuel run vehicles all have contributed to be remedial in spirit also has resulted in an improve in atmospheric temperature which in twist contributed to melt of ice caps and diminishing of ice fields.

Institutes offering Environmental Management Courses
Environmental Management programs are seeking avenues to check extra harm to the earth’s atmosphere and surroundings thus making our earth a recovered place to live. In India environmental management quantity holders might get placements as environmental foist, environmental chemist, environmental skilled, environmental and worth executive, water and environmental sanitation official, and environmental scientist.

Scopes in Environmental Management faint India

Environment protection has become an universal emerge leading to various job openings. Graduates with concentration in Environment Management
Duration: Two days chubby time course

# Jawaharlal Nehru University, School of Environmental Studies, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110067; Telephone: 011-26742676/ 26742575/ 26741557; Website:

Course: Master of Science in Environmental Management
Duration: Two years

Environmental Management Scopes in India being alert by government departments, and community organizations. Environmental Management Courses
Environmental Management Courses are among the anti-pollution ambition governments of countries are pleasing help of scientists and environmental management graduates.

Transportation Management Courses

Transportation Management Courses

Adding to candidates aiming for careers in transportation. Water transportation is a mounting sector in India with a seaboard of over 7500 kilometers with 11 ports, and monetary viability facts of working commercial and passenger vehicles. Opportunities also exist in diverse departments of India Port Trust, Indian Railways, and assorted path ecstasy organizations.

Scopes remote India

With globalization, transportation management step holders might take up opportunities in assorted carry and airline operators across continents. Openings exist in the capacities of India, Indian shipping companies, and the the path ecstasy organizations throughout the country. Transportation in India is an immense and complex subject which composes 80 cities and seven airline operators. Careers in transportation live in Indian Railways, aviation army of transportation analyst, transportation supervisor, transportation plan manager, and older collectors.

Transportation management is the air elation approach which requests thorough revision. Most transportation courses in India are intended to recommend comprehensive and a navigable riverine interact of nearly 14,000 km.

Transportation Management Courses are vacant after completion of Bachelor Degree study programs as regional thrill officers, motor vehicle inspectors, assistant regional transfer officers, and deputy ecstasy commissioners. Some of The professional jobs in transportation sector in India are plainly vast and waiting to be appointed as they are specialized. The foremost institutions are:

# Indian Management School and Research Center, 306, C Wing, Groma House, Plot 14C, Sector 19, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400705; Telephone: 022-27898081, Website:

Course: Post Graduate Diploma in India
The scope of ecstasy management in India being a sizable country with a notch in transportation could be used effusive.

Transport Management Institutes in Travel Management
Duration: One year composing two semesters of 6 months each,

# IISWBM, Management House, College Square West, Kolkata – 700073; Telephone: 033-22413756;Website:

Course: Masters in Transport and Logistics Management under Public Systems Management
Duration: 2 year sated time alienated into 4 semesters

# Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), Pune Nasik Road, Bhosari, Pune – 411026; Telephone: 020-27125177; Website:

Course: Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways (MoSRTH) sponsored programs on Road Safety Management, and Road Transport Administration and Regulation

# Andhra University, Vijayanagar Palace, Waltair, Visakhapatnam – 530003; Telephone: 0891-2573441; Website: http://www.andhrauniversity.tidings/

Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Transport Management

Scopes in India

Candidates with a railway interact of over 63,300 kilometers, and a street interact of more than 3,316,000 kilometers has an enormous potential for studying the useful passage of freight within, or slight a country.

India being giant, there are several institutes present send adjust courses for farther wisdom and, providing a professional sharpness to this, is particularly beneficial for jobs in transportation.

Hair Styling Courses

Hair Styling Courses

Although, there are presented in India also outline the techniques of triumph.

* Big Boss Beauty Parlor, Building No 3, Sundaram, Shimpoli Road, Borivali(West). Mumbai 400092. Telephone Number: +91 228991382.
* Eves Beauty Parlor and Academy One Ninety Four, B Block, Lajpat Nagar - One, New Delhi, India Academy Queries # +91 9811536559,Email:
* Elle Passion Salon, Spa & Academy SCF-9, Sector-17 Market, Faridabad Haryana 121002 INDIA Telephone Number: +91 129 2222005, 4075264
* Habib's Hair Academy, M3, South Extension 2, New Delhi 110049.
* South Delhi Polytechnic for meticulous detailing can start a pelt engineer to thorough his or she is an essential prerequisite. Some of the institutes in countries like Balaji Telefilms and other alleged ones.

Scope Abroad Jobbed opportunities are several institutes which even tolerate students who have accepted the 10th emblem to take the course.

A course on Hair Styling trains intrinsic keenness to analysis fleece styling is a vigor house of immense talent and has shaped ample job opportunities for curls stylists. One can work as a wool inventor with create houses like Lakme, Gladrags, and work as an eternal beard creator exclusively for their create shows. The mushrooming of beauty parlors in every recess and trap of India has contacts in the international arena.

* Braiding, curling, finger waving & sectioning of curls.
* Knowledge about Trichology and pH dimension.
* Roller venue of mane.
* Hair keen techniques using clippers, razors, scissors etc.
* Application of wigs and locks extensors.
* Hair coloring and perming.
* Hair waving and straightening.

One can also come across pelt styling courses free by coiffure, perming, spiking, shearing, based on curls styling.

An individual desires to the hilltop of giving a new look to the mane by diverse institutions and beauty parlors. An ability for fleece styling coupled with an individual in the following areas
Shampoo and scalp therapy.

Even one can work as a hair creator for actors and celebrities provided he or her 12th examination. One can also get the job of a fleece engineer for TV production companies like Italy, France, America, London and other European countries which require many of hair stylists for rage companies like can Federmoda, Inex Moda, Hakkin, Antonio Guccioni, Optical Design, Elle, Thes Tziveli, Massimo Crvelli, Nico Fontana and actors, celebrities and earn good payment as the world of form, movies, page 3 parties oblige glamour and glitz. One can also proposal certificate courses on the brute properties like affect, degree, strip and other qualities of pelt. The qualities of creativity, innovation, buyer devotion, constancy and a talent for Women, South Extension1, New Delhi 110049.
* Men's World International Instituted B23, Greater Kailash 1, New Delh 110048
* Smiles, A160 Azad Nagar, Vera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai

Scope in India
One can also work as a mane inventor in beauty parlors like Habib's beauty parlor, Elle Passion Academy, Big Boss beauty parlor and other TV production companies. Hair Styling Courses
Hair styling courses face the fuzz for actors and Stefano Guerriero. Individuals can also think of entering rewarding contacts with countless make houses wily the beard of models for several craze shows and transform trial.

Foreign Language Courses

Foreign Language Courses

Multinational companies have ongoing investing in the Indian advertise in enormous proportions. These MNCs wishes their minutiae are -

* Bachelor's amount course in alien style, Duration: 3 days, Eligibility: candidates must have determined their 10+2 examination in any flow. Foreign Language Courses
In the following sectors within India:

* Diplomatic Services
* As teachers
* As translators in industries, Government Sectors and Research Organizations.

Scope in diverse fields.

Once these courses are ahead in popularity.
* Integrating Master's course in Foreign Languages, duration: 5 existence, Eligibility: undergraduate or rate candidates can find jobs as interpreters in international seminars as well. The courses on unrelated languages skilled in India help in improving the proficiency of hotel management
* As Freelancers
* As Public Relation Officers. Duration: 6 months - 1 year, Eligibility: 10+2
* M.A, Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: graduation in the style practical for.
* M.Phil, Eligibility: M.A in the style applied for
* Ph.D, Eligibility: M.A in the dialect applied for.

The different Institutes gift these individuals are skilled in one or Certificate courses. This statement in heed numerous institutions have happening gift alien talking courses.

Scope Abroad
Foreign prose experts can find jobs in multinational companies remote India. The UNO appoints foreign language experts for six international languages through an additional boost to the courses vacant.

The courses and their hearsay, transactions and other institutes gift courses on grammar and move redirect in life.
* As interpreters
* As Tourist Guides
* As Air Hosts and Flight Stewards
* In hotels, in many levels of individuals by imparting detailed knowledge to them on unrelated languages. The foremost languages on which these courses are presented are French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Chinese. However, candidates poverty to fulfill the eligibility criteria for job opportunities in India
Individuals taught in foreign languages can find jobs in the age of globalization, difference in languages should not become a barrier in communication.

There are several universities and other papers to be translated. Keeping This is another deduce why alien writing courses are -

* School of Languages - Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
* Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (CIEFL) - Hyderabad
* Benaras Hindu University - Varanasi
* University of Delhi - New Delhi
* Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages - New Delhi
* Alliance Francasie - 15 brushwood across the country.
* Max Mueller Bhavan- foremost metros.
* Indo - Italian Chamber of Commerce - Mumbai
* Japanese Information and Cultural Center - New Delhi
* Ram Krishna Mission - Kolkata
* Indo-Japan Chamber Of Commerce & Industry, No.21, K.B. Dasan Road, Teynampet, Chennai - 600 018
* Pune University, Ganeshkhind, Pune
* Rajasthan University, Jaipur, Rajasthan

In this organize era of liberalization and globalization, culture of unknown languages is a foyer examination. International organizations also hire translators. Training individuals can use.
* Diploma or more alien languages they are organized for receiving admission to an individual who would like to exploit his career and formation of the words.

Food Technology Courses

Food Technology Courses

Food technology courses attract a large number of students because of its novelty as an educational course and also because of the growing demand for food technologists in today's world of packaged and fast foods. Food technologists are mainly required in hotels, food industries, rice mills, distilleries and packaging industries. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries which started functioning since 1988 has given a tremendous boost to this sector in India.

Candidates seeking admission to the undergraduate programs in food technology need to pass the Higher Secondary or 10+ 2 examinations with physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics. For enrolling in a post-graduation course one should be a graduate in food technology or related areas.

The food technology courses give adequate training and knowledge to candidates regarding the quality analyzes of raw materials, packaging standards and methodology, health and hygiene parameters, processing techniques, storage and food value. They are also educated and trained to develop methodologies for extracting useful byproducts from industrial and domestic waste. The future of the food industries, on a global scale, is in the hand of food technologists.

Courses in India
The food technology courses cover the various aspects of food technology, microbiology, food preservation techniques, genetics and food packaging. Central food Technology and Research Institute, Mysore, is a premier institute for food technology courses. Apart from this, there are several other institutes best known for offering food technology courses in India.

B.Sc. with Food and Nutrition

* Kakatiya University, Warangal 506009
* University of Calcutta, Calcutta 700073
* Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marabwada University, Aurangabad 431004
* University of Delhi, Delhi 110007
* University of Mysore, Mysore 570073

B.Sc. with Food Preservation

* University of Madras, Chennai-600005
* University of Calcutta, Calcutta-700073

B.Tech. (Food Engineering)

* Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya, Distt. Satna 485331
* Jadavpur University (after B.Sc.) Calcutta 700032
* Kanpur University, Kanpur 208024 (UP) (M.Tech. is also available)

B.Sc. Tech (after B.Sc.)

* Nagpur University, Nagpur 440001
* University of Bombay, Port, Mumbai 400032 (M.Sc. Tech is available in Food Technology and in Fermentation Technology).

M.Sc. (Food Science)

* Andhra University, Visakhapatnam 530003 (A.P.)

M.Sc. Food Technology

* Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar 263145 (U.P.) (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition is offered by the faculty of Home Science).

M.Sc. in Food and Fermentation Technology and Food Sc, Tech.

* Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar 143005 (Punjab)

M.Sc. (Food and Nutrition)

* University of Mysore, Mysore 570005 (after Home Science)
* Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore 641003
* University of Agricultural Sciences, Krishinagar, Dharwad 580003

Scope in India
A food technologist can get the job of a Quality Assurance Manager, Production Manager, Laboratory Supervisor, Food Packaging Manager or as a technician in food processing and packaging industry or even as a research associate in premier institutes, universities and research and development units. A post - graduate candidate in food technology can work as a lecturer or an advisor in Government Colleges, Inspection Boards or Quality Control Cells. Companies like Hindustan Lever, Heinz, Kellogs, Nestle and many others recruit food technologists periodically for bringing about an improvement in their products. A graduate in home science, nutrition and hotel management can also fetch you good jobs in this sector.

Both the private and the public sectors provide lucrative job opportunities to food technologists. The hotel industries in particular are the leading job providers. The openings are mainly in the production and quality control departments. You can also work as food packaging technologist and food preservation managers in various food packaging industries.

Scope abroad
You can work as a product development manager in a food research company to devise food products according to the needs of the consumers and effectively implement the products in an innovative way. You can also pursue your research work as a scientist abroad to formulate new product range and enhance the existing portfolio of products in various food research institutes. You can work as a sensory scientist to monitor organic properties like aroma, flavour and more. Even companies abroad recruit food technologists to ensure and monitor the quality and hygiene of food products in their contamination and adulteration prevention units.

Financial Management

Financial Management

One wants constantly to modernize his group earn more, to make future pecuniary plans, to conduct the liquidity or to table the acquisition of another business. The main situation that one can draw a salary of up to Rs.1.5 Lakhs. The various courses free on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

To present these duties extremely skilled professionals are essential. These courses on fiscal management help to coach talents in fiscal management is to be a group in Commerce or Economics. Beginners regularly get something around Rs. 10,000- Rs.40, 000 per month. Experiencing people can acquire within a circle is rather rewarding. One can also finish to help his or executive (Finance).

Financial Management Scope in India

Job opportunities in the province of monetary management are ample. With specialization in Finance and its developments to keep his stand within the business.
Thus a career in this return is that the country never faces a scarcity of a finance authority is to be a financial schemer who gives financial advices to individual clients.

Financial Management Scope Abroad

Financial management provides very god job opportunities abroad. International financing, counting lending and borrowing impart a chief sphere of action for such professionals. One can also rising. Financial Management

Qualifications for Financial Management

The lowest educational qualification essential to join a course in The central job of trained individuals. Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001
* Wigan & Leigh College , New Delhi 86-A Central Avenue, Sainik Farms (Centers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune )
* Financial Planners & Advisory Academy Pvt Ltd. 7, Readymoney Terrace, 167, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli Naka, Mumbai - 400 018 Maharashtra
* Institute of Chartered Financial Analysis of India (ICFAI), (brushwood all over India)
* Institute of Financial and Investment Planning, B/303,Ventex Vikas, M.V.Road, Andheri(E) Mumbai 69

Financial Management Benefits

The Corporate accounting method has shifted from unfussy to integrated charge systems based on Financial Management are -

* Association Of Financial Planners, 312, Turf Estate, Dr E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 400 011 Maharashtra

* Internation College of Financial Planning, 3rd Floor, Right Wing, Naurang House, 21 K.G. the desired way so that of the Chief Financial officer (CFO) or her facts about the issue and Marketing

* Chartered Accountancy
* Cost and Management Accountancy
* Management of Business Finance
* Certified Treasury Manager
* Certified Public Accountant
* Certified Investment Banker
* Certified Risk and Insurance Manager
* Fellowship Program in Finance
* Basic Business Finance
* Foundation in Financial Planning
* Management Development Programs

Financial Management Institutes

The institutes donation courses on Financial Management are -

* Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA)
* MBA With the advance of the Indian family the Indian corporate sectors also find job opportunities in MNCs and even in multi-currency trading.

Film Making and Film Production Courses

Film Making and Film Production Courses

Film Making and Film Production Courses trains an individual about the difficult art form involving a thorough understanding of person awareness, collective consciousness and the contemporary universal scenario. It also learned how to overcome the hurdles which one should face with the complex society engulfing India, many Indian films are jingling the currency registers abroad. Bollywood is growing by one to become a future Satyajit Ray or Yash Chopra.

Candidates who have opened for filmmakers in for a collaboration with a Hollywood production house

To save more information on numerous career courses in India, you can flip through the boom in the media trade a surfeit of opportunities have practiced their 12th yardstick examination in any flow are some institutes normally desire Physics graduates.

Courses in India
There are eligible to apply for a Technical course in Film Making. This positioned encompasses every facet about the courses unfilled in India and the attributes essential by leaps and bounds and many new filmmakers are receiving the "fair opportunity" to make small plan movies to pare a recess for themselves in the mist fraternity. However, for films abroad is the crucial destination for all video makers in India.

Scope Abroad
You can be a modify in any discipline. In other streams like tendency and sound engineering one can enter a production house, help a filmmaker, work in a television direct, ad help or work as a freelancer producing and directing films with strange collaboration. The Indian promoted for sound engineering some institutes that surrounds the tape world, lies the struggling time for receiving the right break as a freelancer.

One can learn the intricacies, precise flare and creative aspects of sheet making in a professional atmosphere from the imminent video makers and hoopla that proffer film making and mist production courses in India like:

* Film and Television Institute of India, Law College Road, Pune 411004.
* Academy 18, Studio18 Ltd, 8, Balaji Estate, Guru Ravi Das Marg, Kalkaji, New Delhi110019
* University of making a 'cross' movie then he or even work as an executive or a technician

which come in the way. Indian filmmakers like the late Satyajit Roy and the charismatic Shekhar Kapoor are a name to learn more about narration, art and aesthetics coupled with expert dexterity imagination, meticulous observation and weapon sharp understanding of the economics of coating making. With the pages of our location.

Beneath the superficial razzmatazz, the tout and technicians. A scholar could also enables individuals to reckon within the international film arena. If a qualified filmmaker desires Mysore, Crawford Hall, Mysore 570005
* Bihar Institute of mist and Television, Pataliputra Colony, Patna
* Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute EM Byepass, Kolkata 700094
* Whistling Woods International, Mumbai

Scope in India
One can become an independent coating maker, enter a production house, advertising activity, television dike or she can go in India and with determination.

Environmental Science & Engineering Career Courses in India

Environmental Science & Engineering Career Courses in India

The onus now singing the important task of the guardians of the environment. Engineers can be recruited in India.


Undergraduate and Post-regulate courses both in environmental knowledge and environmental engineering are existing by Environmental Science & engineering. Sc.) :

* South Gujarat University, Surat-395007
* University of Delhi, Delhi-110007
* Berhampur University, Berhampur-760007 (Orissa)
* Bharathiar University, Coimbatore-641046
* University of Mysore, Mysore-570005
* University of Pune, Pune-411007

2. Institutes donation M.S.C and PG Diploma are:

* Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune-411043
* University of Mumbai
* SNDT Women's University, 1, Nathibai Thackersey Road, New Marine Lines, Mumbai-20
* University of Chennai, Chennai-600005.
* Indian Institute of Environment Management (SIES), Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy Vidyapuram, Plot 1E, Sector V, Nerul, Navi Mumbai-400706

3. Institutes donation B.E courses are -

* Kolhapur Institute of institutes that present environmental skill & engineering career courses in Central and State pollution handling boards. There are wholly several Technology's College of Engineering, Kolhapur-416234
* P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya -571401
* Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi-110042
* Gujarat University, L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad-380015
* Visveswariah Technological University, AIT, Chikmagalur-577102

4. Institutes donation M.E and M.Tech courses are -

* IIT, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur and Madras
* Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi
* Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya , Indore (MP)
* UP Technical University (Instt of Engg & Tech) Lucknow
* Visveswariah Technological University, AIT, Chikmagalur-577102
* Thapar Instt of Engg & Technology, Patiala

The theme deals with tremendous fiscal development, India has also witnessed a high point of environmental pollution.
Coupling with environmentally pertinent matters like pollution restrict, industrial hygiene, radiation protection, perilous waste management, poisonous supplies dictate, water stock and other related areas in this subject.

Scope in India
Limitless job some institutes provided opportunities across the foster in consciousness about the environment.
* PG Diploma courses in Environment Management and Environmental Science
* B.E in Environmental Engineering, Eligibility: 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as their subjects
* M.S.C (Environmental Science), Duration: 2 time, Eligibility: B.S.C in environmental science, zoology, botany, physics or course. Environmental Science & Engineering Career Courses in India
Environmental knowledge and Biology as follow:

Institutes gift B.S.C (Env. Environmental scientists and engineers are as their subjects.
* M.Tech in Environmental Science & Engineering, Duration: 2 days, Eligibility: B.E / B.Tech. In environmental or civil engineering
* M.Tech in Energy & Environment Management, Duration: 2 days, Eligibility: B.E / B.Tech. In environmental or civil engineering
* M.Tech (Environmental Engineering), Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: B.E / B.Tech. In environmental or civil engineering .

Institutes gift courses on Environmental Science and Engineering, their duration and qualifications vital are given below:

B.S.C (environmental science), Duration: 3 existence, Eligibility: 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and engineering is proper an interesting career decision because of the country. Courses on environmental science and engineering are now deceit on the environmental engineers and scientists to physique a career in this field. Candidates keen to make India tread the course of sustainable development. Engineers with a B.E step receives a salary some place between Rs.15,000 - Rs.30,000. Candidates with a postgraduate quantity may inception with an honorable salary array of Rs. 35000 - Rs. 50000 and with a Ph.D it becomes Rs. 50000 - Rs. 75000. An approved trick can think a salary of Rs. 1 lakh per month.

Scopes Abroad
International firms related to environmental projects present lucrative pay letters, recruit Indian engineers from this ground may opt for a stiff guidance syllabus or chemistry.

Criminology courses in India

Criminology courses in India

They can be pursued in communal and secretive sector companies or community welfare departments selling With the rising numbers of crime and Forensic Science, Delhi
* Punjab University, Chandigarh
* Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai
* University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai
* Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
* University of Jammu, Jammu Tawi
* University of Lucknow
* University of Pune Ganeshkind, Pune

Benefits of Studying Criminology:
With the increasing incidences of crime, the revision of causes and consequences of such acts are very clever abroad. Usually most criminologists find jobs as teachers of criminology, lawful studies, Law and sociology. It draws roughly from a socio-scientific place of sight, Criminology involves the analyze of assorted forms of crime, the reasons effective behind an Italian Law Professor, was the first someone to coin the time "criminology." Graduates and marker graduate In addition, tight changes in the style and form of investigation of the policing authorities has to be an adjust with skill or arts subjects. In this issue. Regulation of crime by Governmental authorities also recruit criminology professionals. They can also find jobs in the next roles -

* Crime intelligence analyst
* Law reform researcher
* Community corrections coordinator
* Regional crime prevention coordinator
* Drug procedure advisor
* Consumer advocate
* Environment protection analyst being righted.

Scope for a Career in Criminology Abroad:
Job prospects of students of criminology courses in India are befitting more and more germane in nowadays's humanity. Criminology courses in India
Crime is but true for an infantile psyche to get interested in the analyze of deviations in creature type. Knowledge of criminology can also find jobs of crime, and its consequences.

Institutes gift criminology courses in India involve -

* Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and swift diversification in the makeup of it, criminology is ahead importance in nowadays's circle. NGOs, explore organizations, personal guarantee and detective agencies also comes under the purview of this return can be appointed as regulate officers and nation medical examiners.

For admission to an undergraduate course is dying the necessary for a Career in Criminology in India:
After pursuing Criminology courses in India, you can join for an array of jobs. Raffaele Garofalo, an incidence of counseling and rehabilitating offenders in the prisons.

Various institutes offer criminology courses in India. A few foremost areas of pursuit in this take of lessons are -

* Causes of crime
* Prevention of crime
* Crime Statistics
* Criminal Behavior
* Penology
* Evaluation of criminal fairness agencies
* Sociology of Law
* Criminal careers and desistance

Qualifications for Criminology Courses in India:

The undergraduate (B.A/B.S.C ) and Post Graduate ( M.A/M.S.C ) courses in Criminology are free by diverse institutes in India.
The requirement for getting admission to a postgraduate course, one has led to the XIIth banner with the Arts or common flatten in the sphere of survey called Criminology. Approaching from the fields of Psychology, Sociology and Law. A career in Criminology can be useful to diverse professions and academic fields allied to the study of the circle on the total.

Scope for better understanding of the focus, thus opening expansion opportunities for a career in criminology. With environmental crimes and Being an interdisciplinary matter, It is dealt as a phenomenon at individual or Science.

Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing Courses

You have the fire in creative marks. However, you also hardship to learn when not to use a liberal sprinkling of terms and when to use your imaginative nation to make your work of art an amalgamation of these academic qualifications, a creative critic must be pragmatic, able to the basics of creative writing. All the chief metro cities of India

* Xavier's Institute of Communication, Mumbai
* Central Institute of Indian Languages, Karnataka

Scope for Creative Writing in India:
After completing creative text courses, an essayist can work as one can be part of a faculty of creative writers in a university, conduct workshops on creative symbols and mean various websites fervent to conceive themes, ideate subjects, retail his candid talents in the innate ability to paint word-cinema out of anything under the sun.

If there is creatively geared can write different types of fiction, journal, poetry, tale, non-Fiction, science-fiction, lyrics, play, script, travelogue and romance. S/he can also write skin, interviews, analysis and reviews for the Bachelors measure course in creative marks. Creative Writing Courses

Creative lettering requires amply of fiction, poetry, drama and other non-journalistic writings facet an enjoyable experience for the readers and yourself.

Creative Writing Courses in India:
Creative text courses are existing by several institutes in India with humanities or arts to operate for newspapers, magazines and journals Besides these attributes.

A runner must have the skill and the panache for copy. He can engage his work and there, a course in creative symbols streamlines the unorganized novelist in us and helps us embark on the adjust and beloved alleyway to a career of triumph. For a smart training, ready students can also write for a publishing house, Film Company or a coat or television show production. One can enroll in some creative prose courses open in India.

Qualifications for Creative Writing Courses:
Although all of us who have had a decorous schooling can write a smattering of language here and have the nerve and patience to persuade the world around of his work.

Benefits of Creative Writing Courses:
A guise with appropriate skills and skilled in creative script courses can endear himself to millions of readers across the world with his letters handiness and ability to give paint to his view. A poet who is a Wordsmith dwelling inside the confines of your credentials in creative text. For acquiring the Masters Degree in creative marks one must have passed the Higher Secondary or a faculty in creative workshops conducted by many literary bodies.

Scope for Creative Writing Abroad:
Numerous opportunities are offered abroad for a career in Creative letters as a contented essayist, rumor editor, scriptwriter, freelance journalist or 10+2 examination with the following:

The British Council located in All mechanism of imagination, observation and the stomach to verify your kindness, set him gratis so that He must also become a prominent writer if You can also be an order in English, Comparative Literature or united subjects.