UET Peshawar Admission to Undergraduate and Admission Forms

UET Peshawar Admission Undergraduate and Admission Forms

Welcome here , you can find here complete information about UET Peshawar Admission in Undergraduate and about Admission Eligibility and Forms.

1) Admission to UET Peshawar will be on the basis of merit. The Divisions associated with Electric, Mechanical and Civil Engineering will be according to merit. However, the actual applicants accepted against any reserved allowance within the Divisions of Electric, Mechanized and Municipal Engineering shall be adjusted in the evening change.

2) In order to B.Sc. engineering shall be available to candidates who've handed Intermediate (Engineering) evaluation using the subjects of Mathematics, Science and Chemistry from a recognized Panel of Advanced and Supplementary Training (W.I.S.E.) in Pakistan or any other equal examination, and have acquired at least 60% unadjusted marks and qualified the entrance test for that program 2011-2012. ENTRANCE test shall be valid just for 1 academic 12 months. The entrance test for nominations against set aside seats upon mutual foundation i.e. Azad Jammu & Kashmir , Northern Areas, Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh Provinces shall be valid for two educational many years.

3) Candidates trying to get open merit seats must have Khyber Pakhtunkhwa domicile.

4) Admission to Computer Program Engineering and Computer Software Engineering will be also available to individuals candidates who've handed Intermediate evaluation with Computer Science like a subject rather than Biochemistry.

5) Owned by resolved areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and possessing B -Tech (Pass) diploma or even 3 years Post­Metric Diploma of Associate Professional and obtained a minimum of 60% unadjusted represents in the corresponding exams will also be permitted to make an application for admission to W.South carolina. engineering within the related discipline against the seats reserved for open merit. They're also eligible to apply against reciprocal seats. However, candidates will also have in order to be eligible the entrance test.

6) Candidates who have records other than Advanced (Pre-Engineering) shall need to produce equivalence and transformation of marks records from the Inter Board Panel of Chairmen, Federal government associated with Pakistan, Secretary of state for Training, Islamabad along with the application form.

7) Pakistan Nationals have to qualify the topic of Islamiat , Pakistan Studies and Urdu from SSG or even HSSC degree, otherwise they shall not be eligible for admission.

8) Applications of candidates, whose examination results are not declared until the final day associated with distribution associated with admission forms, will not be regarded as for admission.

UnderGraduate Admission ENTRANCE TEST

Candidates should made an appearance in the ENTRANCE TEST carried out by the Federal government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Educational Testing and Evaluation Company (ETEA), Peshawar.for Academic Program 2011-2012. The actual ENTRANCE TEST is valid for one academic 12 months.

Applicants who've passed Intermediate (Pre- Engineering) examination from a recognized Panel associated with Advanced and Supplementary Education (B.I.S.E.) in Pakistan or any other equivalent examination, have obtained at least 60% unadjusted represents, are eligible to try to get entrance test.

who have handed three years Post­Martic Diploma associated with Connect Engineer or B-Tech (Move) Examination and have acquired at-least 60% un-adjusted marks will also be eligible to apply for entrance test.

Applicants who've appeared within Part-II associated with Intermediate (Pre-Engineering) evaluation or even 3-year Diploma within Connect Professional or even B-Tech (Pass) examination and are waiting for their results, will also be permitted to appear in entrance test. Other admission problems is going to be applicable


Merit of candidates will be decided according to the subsequent weight-age:

a ) 10 % weight-age in order to SSC Examination

b) 40 % weight-age to Advanced or even equal examination (modified represents) in Advanced by 4

c) 50% weight-age in order to % marks within entrance test ENTRANCE TEST by 5

The merit associated with applicants trying to get set aside categories/quotas shall be also determined based on entrance test, Intermediate and SSC marks as in the case of open up merit.

To find out merit, total represents acquired by a prospect in advanced evaluation will be modified in the way provided below:

Every additional make an effort to pass in order to improve Advanced examination, (Part-I I m or her Part-II), applicants will lose Ten represents. However, in any case, the entire deductions associated with represents will not exceed 20.

Candidates getting Mathematics to supplement topic shall also lose 10 represents. c. If your prospect is actually Hafiz-e-Quran. he/she will get 20 represents, provided that he/she qualified the test carried out by the Admission Committee on the date and time notified with the objective.

In the event of tie in any merit position to the selection for admission to UET Peshawar, the actual represents obtained within Intermediate/equivalent examination, will be considered with regard to merit. In the event of additional tie, the age of the actual applicants will be the criteria and the actual more mature candidate will obtain higher merit.

UET Lahore Admissions Latest

UET Lahore Admissions Online Information

Get Admission in UET Lahore , Please read all information carefully. I hope you will find this information really helpful to you and for more you can feel free to comment and contact.

Admissions procedure in UET Lahore

1. If you have any issue concerning admissions which can be clarified satisfactorily on the phone, you might dial Convenor, Admission Panel from 99029216 and 99029452 from 99029470 during operating hours. People in the actual University employees may also be available for individual discussion throughout admission period.

2. Try to publish the applying combined with the needed paperwork as early as possible. Do not wait for the last date.

3. As soon as the procedure for selection is total, the merit list is going to be informed showing the percentage admission represents from the applicants accepted in various professions against various categories.

4. Just about all paperwork to become attached with the approval F-I ought to be attested by a Class-I gazette official of the government or even Class-A official of this University.
Qualifications FOR Admission

Job Candidates for Admission in UET Lahore

A job candidate for admission to any of the B.South carolina. Engineering Degree Programs, W.South carolina. City & Regional Preparing (CRP), Bachelor’s Degrees within Architecture, Item & Industrial Design and Computer Science (Hons) must match the following qualifications requirements...

1) He or she should have passed the actual Intermediate (Pre- Engineering) Evaluation along with Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics from a Panel associated with Advanced and Supplementary Training of Pakistan or perhaps an equal examination recognized by the University. However, Intermediate with Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science shall be acceptable only for Computer Science, Computer Science & Engineering, City & Local Preparing (CRP), Structures and Product & Industrial Design. Intermediate along with Science, Mathematics and Data will be acceptable just for admission within Computer Science, City & Regional Preparing (CRP), Architecture and Item & Industrial Design.

2) General Eligibility Requirements:

job candidate for admission to any of the Bachelor's Degree program provided by the University should fulfill the subsequent needs:

He should have obtained a minimum of 60% marks in Y.Sc/ ICS/ DAE/ W.Sc/ eliminating Sports activities and Hafiz-e-Quran marks.

Must have made an appearance within the entry test arranged with this University for that particular Acedmic Session by which he or she seeks admission.

HE or she should have at least 60% adjusted admission represents determined according to terms 2 from the merit dedication requirements.

HE or she should be a legitimate citizen of the area from where he or she seeks admission
at the. He should fulfill requirements of physique and vision set down in the medical certificate. (Form II)


1- candidate getting diploma in a additional technologies shall not be entitled to admission.

2 -candidate should have their first diploma or degree (on the basis of which he had been accepted within W.Tech. degree course) highly relevant to the branch associated with Engineering in which he seeks admission.

3- Procedures about admission based on a B.Sc. Degree
Because of the qualifications and limitations mentioned beneath, a person is eligible for admission towards the Bachelor’s degree programs in the University based on a diploma associated with Bachelor of Science.

4- person possessing a B.South carolina. degree isn't eligible for admission to any Bachelor’s diploma course in the University unless he's also passed F.Sc. (Pre- Engineering or even Pre-Medical) evaluation.

5- Range associated with Eligibility with regard to W.South carolina.’s with F.South carolina. (Pre- Engineering) With regard to admission to the W.Sc. diploma programs within Engineering apart from individuals mensioned by 50 percent.5 w & d, Computer Science, City & Local Preparing and Bachelor’s degree programs in Architecture and Item & Industrial Style, a job candidate must have passed the actual B.South carolina. evaluation with Physics and Mathematics.

6- For admission towards the B.South carolina. Programs within Chemical Engineering, Polymer & Process Engineering, Bio- Chemical & Pharmaceutical drug Engineering, Chemical & Polymer Engineering, Ecological Engineering & Management and Metallurgical & Materials Engineering a job candidate, must have handed the actual B.South carolina. Evaluation with Chemistry.
d. With regard to admission to B.Sc. Programs in Exploration Engineering, Geological Engineering and Oil & Gasoline

With regard to admission towards the B.South carolina. Courses in Chemical Engineering, Polymer & Procedure Engineering, Bio- Chemical & Pharmaceutical drug Engineering, Chemical & Polymer Engineering, Ecological Engineering & Administration and Metallurgical & Materials Engineering an applicant, should have passed the actual W.Sc. Evaluation with Math and Chemistry.

admission to the W.Sc. courses within Mining, Geological Engineering and Petroleum & Gas Engineering a good candidate must have passed the W.Sc. evaluation along with Mathematics and one of the subsequent topics:

1. Science 2. Chemistry 3. Geology

UET Lahore Merit Determination Explanation

Just in case there is a connect for the last seat inside a particular discipline/category, after that all the applicants who have guaranteed equal percentage of admission marks (up to 3 locations associated with decimal) will be accepted. No transfer or even new entry in to that discipline/category shall, however, be considered unless the actual number of candidates already accepted drops beneath the amount of allocated chairs for your discipline/category.

Determined Category-wise The chairs for admission to the Bachelor’s Degree-courses at the University tend to be dispersed more than various categories. These categories are discussed within Area 4 beneath. The facts of the submission associated with seats are available in the Chairs Percentage Chart. The applicants for every category are grouped separately. After that time the foundation from the percentage admission represents, relative merit from the applicants comprising the team is ready. The candidates owned by a class thus compete for admission among themselves for that seats allocated to this. including the team is ready. The actual candidates owned by the class therefore contend for admission amongst themselves for the seats invested in it.

on the basis of given choices and merit In case a seat in any discipline/category of higher choice given by a candidate drops empty and he's entitled to transfer to that particular discipline/category on the basis of his merit, he or she shall be automatically used in the discipline/category. He will don't have any to keep his admission in the earlier discipline/category since the seat vacated by him or her will be concurrently used on the next qualified candidate on merit.

within Chairs The actual University government bodies might exercise their right anytime to improve or decrease the quantity of seats invested in any kind of category and presently there shall be absolutely no attractiveness against this type of choice.

Chairs If some chairs allocated to any class (other than category The) remain utilized with regard to lack of sufficient candidates, then the utilized chairs are transferred to category-A and tend to be stuffed underneath the exact same terms and problems because relevant to the previous.