Entrepreneurship Courses in India

Entrepreneurship as a career choice has emerged due to the cut-throat competition and need of opportunities in the prim sectors. Individuals with a delight to do something on their own are even leaving their lock jobs to pursue a commerce venture. There are several institutes that proposal entrepreneurship courses in India. It is always considered to be a better idea to connect a decorous exercise before location your base advance as an entrepreneur.


The niceties of entrepreneurship courses conducted in India are:

* Advanced Diploma in Enterprise Management, Duration: 6 months, Eligibility: Graduation, preferably with work experience of 5 - 10 time.
* Certificate Course in Export Marketing, Duration: 4 months, Eligibility: Graduation
* Certificate Course in International Business Language, Duration: 5 months , Eligibility: Graduation.
* Certificate Coursed in International Trade Logistic, Duration: 4 months, Eligibility: Graduation.
* Diploma/Certificate Courses in Entrepreneurship, Duration: 6 months- 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation/ Diploma/10+2 with 3 yr. Exp.
* Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Duration: 9 months, Eligibility: Graduation
* Diploma in Planning and Entrepreneurship, Duration: 2 existence, Eligibility: 10+2, awaiting outcome
* Executive Masters in International Trade, Duration: 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation
* Executive MBA+M.Com/PGDBA, Duration:2 living, Eligibility: Graduation, appearing for closing exam.
* Executive Postgraduate Programmed, Duration: 3 days, Eligibility: Graduation (55%)
* Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Duration: 3 days, Eligibility: Bachelor's/Master's scale with 5 existence exp.
* Fellow Programmed in Management (Doctoral Level), Eligibility: B.E. M.E. P.G
* BA (General-Human Resource Development Marketing, Operations Research and Finance), Duration: 2 time 6 months, Eligibility: Graduation
* PG Diploma in International Business/Entrepreneurship/Small Business and Management of Services
* PG Diploma in Management of Small and Medium Enterprises, Duration: 1 year, Eligibility: Graduation
* PGDBA, Duration: 2 existence, Eligibility: Graduation
* PGDBM, Duration: 2 time, Eligibility: Graduate
* Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management (PGDEM), Duration: 9 months, Eligibility: interior flat executive
* PGDEM, Duration: 6 months, Eligibility: Graduation

Some of the supposed and prestigious institutes propose entrepreneurship courses in India. One can come across both mark and diploma programs on entrepreneurship.
Short period certificate courses are also fairly prevalent among the students.

* IIM, Ahmedabad, Bangalore & Kolkata
* All India Management Association Center for Management Education, New Delhi
* Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi
* Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Gujarat
* FICCI, New Delhi
* Small Industries Service Institute, New Delhi
* National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development, New Delhi
* National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD), New Delhi
* ASEED and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), New Delhi
* Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM), New Delhi
* Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM), New Delhi
* Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jharkhand
* Xavier Institute of Management (XIM), Orissa
* Management Development Institute, Haryana
* Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITM), Madhya Pradesh
* Symbiosis Center for Management, Maharashtra
* Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

These Institutes not only classify prospective entrepreneurs but grant them with thorough awareness and appropriate tactic towards the subject, consequently producing industrious entrepreneurs.

Scopes in India
The scope for entrepreneurship is limitless here in India. Entrepreneurship could be divided into three areas of work -

* Providing Service
* Selling Goods
* Manufacturing Goods

The first activity involves the slightest financial investment and menace. The other two demand higher investments, but a good prudence can make these ventures extremely successful.

Scopes Abroad
People who like to goal big can swell their subject ventures past the boundaries of India. An understanding of international thrift and custom methods are necessary in this problem.

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